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Seychelles on Cover of July issue of Diving Magazine in Germany

Imran Ahmad, the known and respected dive photographer is seeing another one of his underwater photographs taken in Seychelles make the front cover of another dive magazine.

Imran Ahmad discovered the Seychelles when he attended the annual October SUBIOS, the island's Festival of Sea which has, as one of its events, an underwater photographic competition.

This was the opportunity for Imran Ahmad to dive in Seychelles. He has seen been back to the islands to present his collection of photographs taken of the Seychelles underwater world.

Seychelles, the mid-ocean tropical islands is known for its clear and clean turquoise blue seas and  for its clean and white sandy beaches but its diving never made news in the divers community on the world stage. Today this has changed and the underwater photographs of the Seychelles are making front covers of dive magazines the world over.

The latest dive Magazine to use a Seychelles underwater photo is the July Issue of the Germany magazine "DIVE MASTER", and they have used a prized photo from Imran Ahmad.

SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea is one of the events appearing of the annual list of events organised by these islands to encourage press to visit the islands to raise visibility of these islands and to ensure they remain relevant in the world of tourism.